Dear all, thank you for to all who participated in the conference.
We look forward to seeing everyone in the next conference! 

Symposium Photos

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The Advdownloadanced Medical & Dental Institute (AMDI) , Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) welcomes you to AMDI’s First International Oncology Symposium held together with The 10th International Seminar on Medical Physics co-organised by Malaysian Association of Medical Physicists (MAMP).
As the understanding of knowledge and clinical applications in the  field of Oncology and Medical Physics undergoes rapid developments, it is vital for clinicians and health professionals who are involved in cancer care gets the best updates from the reknown international and local speakers. The sharing of knowledge and the enhancement of networks would improve patient care and produce best treatment plans for our patients.
The theme of the International Oncology Symposiym is The Way Forward in Multimodality and Targeted Therapies while the theme for the International Seminar on Medical Physics is Fostering Medical Physics Research and Clinical Practice for Better Healthcare.
Rationale of the theme 
Cancer care is nonetheless multidisciplinary and the treatment is getting more and more precise.
It involves oncologists, surgeons, physicians, pathologists, radiologists, medical physicists, cancer scientists, and all other allied health professionals. Delivering treatments that requires multimodality therapy is the hallmark to gauge how close the network relations are between these cancer care providers. An optimal multidisciplinary concerted effort shall translate into optimising patient care.
Hence, the symposium aims to provide a platform to all stakeholders in cancer care recent updtes especially in the treatments that crucially requires multimodality and multidisciplinary approaches.
Key Features of Symposium
  • International and Local Speakers from reknown cancer centreswill be awarded
  • Topics Covered for International Oncology Symposium (IOS) are  Head & Neck , Thoracic, Upper Gastrointestinal, Colorectal and Breast Oncology. There will be also symposium on Advanced systemic and radiotherapy therapies.
  • Topics Covered for International Seminar on Medical Physics (ISMP) are Radiotherapy (Radiotherapy technology, Protons and heavy Ions, Brachytherapy, Radiobiology, Dosimetry, Quality assurance, Image-guided radiotherapy, Radionuclide
    aradiationprotection therapy, Radiation shielding, Monte Carlo simulation), Imaging (Diagnostic radiology, Interventional procedures, MRI, Ultrasound, Dose estimation, Radiation shielding, Nuclear medicine imaging, Hybrid modalities, Quality assurance, Diagnostic reference levels, Image quality)
  •  Pre-Symposium Courses 25TH-26TH August 2016, will be held at AMDI, USM
    1. AMDI FRCR Part 2 Clinical Oncology Preparatory Course : Mock Exam & Tutorials
    2. Practical & Theoretical Medical Physics Course. Series 1: Quality Assurance (QA) of Advanced Radiotherapy
  • Multidisciplinary Team Sessions – case studies will be presented to speakers for their opinions in crucial issues, and also input and questions from audiences.
  • Oral and Poster Presentations for both Oncology and Medical Physics concurrent symposium sessions
  • and not to forget BBQ dinner on Saturday 27th August!

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