About Advanced Medical and Dental Institute (AMDI), Universiti Sains Malaysia
IPPTAMDI or IPPT (Malay acronym of the Institute) was established with the vision of developing state-of-the-art advanced research, conduct innovative postgraduate programmes and deliver tertiary healthcare services towards sustainable mankind. It has six clusters which are Oncological and Radiological Sciences, Infectomics, Craniofacial and Biomaterial Sciences, Integrative Medicine, Lifestyle Science and Regenerative Medicine.
One of the core aims of AMDI is to be forefront in the field of oncology and making oncology as the main thrust of clinical service, research and education. AMDI has invested in the manpower, technology and infrastructure to support this aspiration. AMDI currently has state of the art linear accelerator, the only one in public institution in the northern region of Malaysia and is able to carry out new radiotherapy techniques such as Intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT). All oncology services are carried out under one roof at the Clinical Trials Complex, which itself is an approved centre for clinical trials by Clinical Research Malaysia. The organisation of this symposium by the Oncological and Radiological Sciences Cluster is inline with the plan to increase awareness of the medical community to AMDI at the same time enhance networking for collaborations. AMDI is based in Bertam, a thriving new township in the mainland part of Penang, in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia.
About 1st AMDI International Oncology Symposium 2016iosicon
AMDI has organised National Oncology Seminars in the past and the last one held was way back in 2012, albeit at a much smaller scale. With the zeal,
teamwork and hardwork that has been exerted by all involved, together with the support from the management, we made a leap to make the event larger this year. With the ability to gather support and speakers from worldwide, it was decided that the initially planned 4th AMDI National Oncology Seminar be rebranded to 1st AMDI International Oncology Symposium. The symposium has been designed to bring all the stakeholders in cancer care closer. This includes oncologists, surgeons, physicians, radiologists, medical physicists, onco-pharmacists, therapy radiographers, oncology nurses and all other allied health professionals into one platform. We believe there is significant work that can be done to enhance cooperation between disciplines which would translate in providing better mutual understanding based on latest clinical evidence, and this is hoped to translate to better cancer care to patients.
The theme of the symposium “The way forward in multimodality and targeted therapies” elicits areas in oncology where the role of multimodality and concerted multidisciplinary actions is vital in improving cancer care. For example, significant improvement in survival for oesophageal cancer patients is achieved with trimodality therapies and a portion of rectal cancer patients could potentially one day may not need surgery to cure their cancers with the improvement in neoadjuvant treatments. Hence the topics chosen serve as a crux for multidisciplinary approach. To further foster this effort, at the end of each symposium there is a simulated multidisciplinary team discussion on cases to get feedback from the experts on how to manage complex cases.
ismpiconAbout 10th International Seminar on Medical Physics (ISMP) 2016

The 10th International Seminar on Medical Physics (ISMP) 2016 is a bi-annual conference of Malaysian Association of Medical Physics (MAMP).  Previously the conference is known as National Seminar on Medical Physics (NSMP). The 9th NSMP was organised in collaboration with College of Radiology Malaysia Scientific Meeting in Putrajaya Malaysia on 5th April 2014. For the 10th anniversary, the conference is renamed the International Conference on Medical Physics to recognise the diversity of the conference speakers and attendees in the 8th (2012) and 9th (2014) conference series. We hope that the change also will encourage more international participants especially from the neighboring countries of Malaysia and beyond to come together in “Fostering (Medical Physics) Research and Clinical Practice for Better Healthcare” in this region.
This year’s conference will be held from 27-28th August 2016 in Bayview Hotel, Batu Ferringhi, Penang, Malaysia in conjunction with an Oncology Symposium organised by a premier Malaysian medical institute with cancer research as one of the thrust, Advanced Medical & Dental Institute of Universiti Sains Malaysia.
The conference accepts abstracts for oral and poster presentations in the topics of radiotherapy physics and imaging physics. Clinical oncology papers can also be submitted and presented at the International Oncology Symposium held in parallel. As in the previous conference, accepted papers will be published in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS) by the Institute of Physics UK. Past publication is available here: http://iopscience.iop.org/1742-6596/546/1
 Building upon the track record of the past conferences thus far, we hope that the 10th conference will become an excellent meeting place for scientists and clinicians from various disciplines working to advance medical physics research and clinical practice in Malaysia and elsewhere.
About Malaysian Association of Medical Physics (MAMP)
 Malaysian Association of Medical Physics (MAMP) is the registered professional body of Medical Physicists in Malaysia.


MAMP was founded in the year 2000 to promote and further develop medical physics in Malaysia. The society speaks on behalf of medical physicists in Malaysia on matters related to application of radiation (ionising and non-ionising) in diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy including radiation safety, training, research and development, and consultation.
Currently MAMP has over 80 members in the society from academic or researcher to clinician in Medical Physics from various universities and hospitals in Malaysia.

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